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Please keep these areas clean and dispose of hot charcoal in proper receptacles.

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Two pavilions have charcoal grills, drinking water and electric outlets. ; Putin: 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' With Trump's Climate Pact Decision; How the President Decided To Ditch Paris Accord; How Think Tank Influenced President's Climate Thinking; Does Trump Think Climate Change Is Real?Aired 8-9p ET • Trump Pulls Out Of Climate Deal; Nunes Intervenes In Russia Probe; Putin Hints At Russian's Election Hack Role; Former FBI Director Comey To Testify On June 8; House Investigators Subpoena Flynn, Cohen. Aired 9-10p ET • James Comey will publicly testify again before the Senate Intelligence Committee; President boasted about firing Director Comey; President's speaking style has continued to get him into trouble; Aired 8-9p ET • NYT: Trump Told Russians In Oval Office That Firing "Nut Job" Comey Eased "Great Pressure" From Probe; Sources: White House Lawyers Researching Impeachment; Comey To Testify In Public Before Senate Intel Committee; Sources: Russians Bragged About Relationship With Flynn; Embattled President Trump Sets Off On First Foreign Trip.Aired 9-10p ET • Washington Post: Kushner And Russia Discussed Secret Communication Channel; Reuters: Kushner Didn't Disclose Two Phone Calls With Russian Ambassador • Washington Post: Kushner & Russia Discussed Secret Communication Channel. Aired 9-10p ET • DOJ: Session Did Not Disclose Russia Meeting and Other Foreign Contacts on Security Clearance Form; Comey Notes, White House "Tapes" Not Turned Over to Congress; GOP Montana U. Aired 9-10p ET • Source: Trump Sought Loyalty Pledge, Comey Declined; Clapper: There Could Be Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion; WSJ: Treasury Department Unit To Share Records In Trump-Russia Probe; Sources: Rosenstein Sees No Need For Special Prosecutor In Russia. Aired 8-9p ET • Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn; Sen. Aired 8-9p ET • Yates To White House: Flynn "Could Be Blackmailed"; Trump Tweet: "Russia-Trump Collusion Story Is A Total Hoax"; Obama Personally Warned Trump About Hiring Flynn; W. Defends Kushner After His Sister Woos Investors With Visas; Trump's Son Denies He Said Russia Funded Dad's Golf Courses.Aired 8-9p ET • Jared Kushner Under FBI Scrutiny in Russia Probe. Aired 9-10p ET • Trump Threatens Comey: "Better Hope" Conversations We're Taped; White House Adviser: Pence "Rattled" By Events This Week. Explanation For Comey Firing; Trump: Comey Told Me I'm Not Under Investigation; NYT: Trump Pressed Comey For Loyalty At Private Dinner; Acting FBI Director Vows Russia Probe Will Move Forward; Trump; Deputy A. Blumenthal: Comey Firing "May Well Produce Impeachment Proceedings; Sources: Comey Sought To Expand Russia Probe Before Firing; Senate Intel Committee Invites Comey To Testify; Rep. Aired 9-10p ET • Report: Trump Team Warned Flynn About Russia Contact; Mark Green Withdraws as Army Secretary Nominee; Massive Hack Against French Candidate Emmanuel Macron; Trump: Health Care Bill Could "Change a Little Bit" in Senate.Cole Henson and Dalton Imhoff brought the field to green with Henson leading lap one with the field giving chase.

Imhoff made a couple of early challenges, but the star of the early laps was Joe Miller who moved into second on lap four and began pressuring Henson.

A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams its image in real time to or through a computer to a computer network.

When "captured" by the computer, the video stream may be saved, viewed or sent on to other networks via systems such as the internet, and emailed as an attachment.

The term "webcam" (a clipped compound) may also be used in its original sense of a video camera connected to the Web continuously for an indefinite time, rather than for a particular session, generally supplying a view for anyone who visits its web page over the Internet.

Some of them, for example, those used as online traffic cameras, are expensive, rugged professional video cameras.

The picnic area adjacent to the boat concession offers charcoal grills and drinking water.