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Access updating linked tables

The database window of Access 2003 has been replaced with a searchable Navigation pane on the left side of the interface that allows you to filter objects of one or more types.If you are already familiar with Access 2010, then you will find that the desktop database has improved productivity, but the major revision in the product has been the introduction of the Web App.

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I did a compact and repair and now the MDB file is small.One of the issues with using the Access Runtime is how to provide an option for a user to select the location of the back end.I'm trying to set up an automated procedure that runs a Crystal report against an Access database. In this Access file I have some linked tables that will undergo some editing at various points by some users, be it via forms or directly accessing the table in spreadsheet view (I advised against this but, well...).My concern is: the server has some procedures set on this table that are coded to trigger on insert/update.This is important if you want to be able to switch to a different back end.

I am regularly switching between live data (back end) and test data (back end).

Will they be triggered when doing these edits via Access front end?

Yes, they will; the triggers shouldn't be aware of what causes the inserts/updates (except, maybe, for restore operations).

As is the case with all systems, how does Access manage the changes?

What happens when you modify the structure of the underlying SQL Server table?

Triggers care only about inserts/updates happening. And most probably, that's exactly what you actually want to happen.