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Adult group wechat

Police and the fraud squad have identified key accounts involved and are now conducting a formal investigation.Two of the Scammer We Chat group, who have been identified so far, go by the names of “ticketsau” and “gocardsell”.

The We Chat app is known everywhere; the platform is used in more than 70 countries.Besides networking, its services include video calls, group chat, shake functions and payment functions.For businesses who are trying to get into the Chinese market, We Chat is a great platform to access potential customers.Sometimes you just can’t replace a call or face-to-face chat with friends, whether it be on your mobile or desktop.That’s why in our latest version of We Chat for Windows, we are introducing group voice and video calls now available directly from your PC via We Chat!Imposters, claiming to be authorised international ‘agents’ are targeting groups on We Chat, such as Working Holiday Visa groups and taking payments through We Chat from deceived consumers, often at attractive discounted rates, and then use stolen credit card details to make ”full” payment to suppliers.

These purchases are being identified as fraudulent and are subsequently not being honoured by the affected supplier, with victims, who think they have made a valid purchase, being left out of pocket and disappointed.

Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo also have membership levels of 75% and higher, according to recent research from Global Web Index.

In addition, Chinese internet users are also finding ways to access officially banned sites like Facebook and Google , including using mobile to bypass restrictions.

Be sure to upgrade now to We Chat for Windows 2.1 to get started and check …

Social media is prevalent among Chinese internet users ages 16-64; nearly 85% have a Qzone account (the most popular social network in China) and roughly half (50%) are monthly active users on the service.

We Chat is the largest messaging app in the world with over 1.1 billion users.