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Aleksandar jaksic fdating

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Researchers analysed the backgrounds and marriage choices of women born in 1958, 19 to see how female aspirations have changed across the generations.

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The name Yugoslavia previously designated six republics (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzogovia, Croatia, and Slovenia), but now includes just Serbia and Montenegro.The population is concentrated in the region of Vraka.The community is bilingual and by majority adhere to Eastern Orthodoxy, while a minority professes Islam.Yet Kate Middleton's achievement in "marrying up" to become the Duchess of Cambridge is becoming increasingly rare, with more young British women choosing husbands from their own social class or lower, a new study has found.Compared with their mothers, women in their twenties are less likely to marry men in a higher social class than their own, research by the IPPR think tank shows.Together they are slightly smaller than the state of Kentucky. In the north there are fertile plains that produce most of Serbia's crops, as well as marshlands along the Sava and Danube Rivers.

At the northern border, the Danube River runs along the Iron Gate Gorge.

The authors suggest an entrenchment of social class and widening inequality over the past three decades have driven the phenomenon of "assortative mating", or picking a partner similar to yourself.

The proportion of women "marrying down" has also exceeded those "marrying up" for the first time.

Those marrying someone from the same social class accounted for 45%.

Although dealing with passive-aggressive behavior can drive you over the edge, these behaviors are often an effective way for the person to mask anger and hostility.

Central Serbia is hilly and forested and is the most densely populated region of the country.