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Alternatives to dating violence

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Christy Clark, Alternatives Victims Advocate, Elwood, is helping to raise awareness on dating violence.

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A new class aimed at bringing awareness to the issue of teen dating violence and its prevention made its debut Wednesday at Salisbury High School — a partnership with Alternatives To Violence, a non-profit that seeks to end domestic violence and support victims and their family and friends.“The Teen Violence Prevention Team is committed to collaborating with our local schools, teenagers and educators to promote an atmosphere of awareness with regard to teen dating violence,” said ATV Teen Dating Violence Prevention Coordinator Leslie Parker.“We aim to, through prevention education, remove any barriers to success and enrich each student’s high school experience.Together with our Youth Leadership Team, we will establish a school climate with a zero tolerance to violence and promote positive interactions with healthy boundaries.The ACEs must implement components directed at risk factors from each of the following levels of influence: individual (e.g., delinquency, substance abuse, lack of social skills); relationship (e.g., inadequate parental monitoring, supervision, discipline; peer norms supporting violence); and community (e.g., social disorganization, lack of cohesion, lack of economic or supervised recreational activities for youth).The components of the multifaceted approach are to be complementary and have the reach and dosage necessary to have a community-wide effect on reducing youth violence.Our web site can give you information on a variety of topics, including help in creating a safety plan or volunteer opportunities.

You can also send a confidential email to us through our contact page We can help you get on your feet and get out of an abusive relationship.

The Safe Place Campaign is an $8 Million campaign for a new home and expanded programs and services to meet the growing need in Monroe County. Willow Center staff and residents are getting ready to move into our new shelter, and we need help to make it our home.

For the safety of domestic violence victims, and under New York State law, the program and service locations of the campaign must be confidential.

The program teaches alternatives to anger, rape, fear, isolation, and desperation that are part of the abusive relationship.

The goal is to enable abusers to identify alternate ways of dealing with emotions without the use of violence.

According to dating violence 101, "teen dating violence and abuse is a pattern of destructive behaviors used to exert power and control over a dating partner.