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Amber portwood dating registered sex offender

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And she's was saying how it's sweet that he was trying too hard but that's the first sign that she needs to RUN AWAY. Single mom's shouldn't settle for anything less than an UPGRADE from their previous relationship! 's Amber Portwood may want to rethink her choice in men.

"Well, I got into trouble and I got caught and they put me on work-release," he explained vaguely.He is currently absconding on a warrant out of Georgia for failing to register as a sex offender.Hayleigh Wilson’s loved ones believe that the 14-year-old girl may have met Benjamin Shook off the popular app KIK, which many young people use on their phones to be social with friends and peers as well as strangers.The search for missing teen Hayleigh Wilson has spanned across multiple states, but the 14-year-old girl still hasn’t been found — neither has the 41-year-old sex offender believed to be traveling with her.reports that the Tennessee teen was spotted at a Walmart store in Marion, North Carolina on Tuesday morning.PHOTOS: Controversial Hollywood moms But Portwood -- who broke things off with Gary Shirely, father of her 23-month old daughter, Leah -- initially had no idea just how scary Hossman's past was when they first began seeing each other.

VIDEO: Teen Mom's Catelynn gets in spat over adoption with mom During a visit at the local nail salon before their first date, the single mom, 20, told her cousin Krystal that "it would be fun to go hang out with a nice guy, because I'm starting to lose faith in guys.

makes my blood wait, now the reports are saying it's not the same guy, and they don't really look the same either... matter, that guy is TROUBLE!

How would U react if you learned that U were dating a sex offender? he was so fake with the nose kisses and the "you're perfect" and the "it was the best day of my life meeting you." BLECH.

"That was the best day of my life when I met you, I can say that," he told her.

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This location is approximately 100 miles away from the teen’s home, but with it being Thursday morning the duo could be practically anywhere in the United States.