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Are tikal and shadow dating

I once knew someone like you, and I can appreciate your desire for peace, Echidna.

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Tikal lived in the ancient past within what would later become known as the Mystic Ruins, the daughter of Pachacamac, the chief of the Knuckles Clan, a tribe of Echidnas. I am the ancestor of Knuckles.” Shadow just stared “ You’re kidding right? He said “ Okay” He then walked to the nearest ice cream parlor and asked what she wanted. She opened her eyes when she knew she was done teleporting. ” Tikal said “ Well were walking toward something called ‘ Twinkle Park’…the sun was setting that way so he was flying west.” Knuckles then brought some strange device from behind his dreadlocks. Tikal simply responded “ I was alive 4,000 years ago. She wanted ice cream again so she asked Shadow to get her some. Because; he didn’t wipe out just our tribe but every tribe on the Earth! ” Tikal took a step back but said defensively “ Father even though the both of our species have been at war…it stopped after Chaos was set loose.Living in the future Mystic Ruins, the peace-loving Tikal befriended Chaos and the Chao it protected.

Unfortunately, her warlike father led their people into a war that threatened to annihilate them.

They both have the same desire to use the Chaos Emeralds for warfare and combat. This style is very much close to that of movie quality.

While Pachacamac uses war as a means of conquering his enemies, Shadow by the same token was created to be the ultimate weapon for war. Surreal is a word to it though so is Passionate, Dedicated and most of all....

Yeah I'm new at this and I just signed up yesterday. ” Chaos walked up and pulled Pachamac to behind the emerald so Tikal couldn’t hear them.. Shadow didn’t know but he was going to find out. Metal Shadow simply said “ I know you want to stop Metal Sonic from getting that new unlimited Chaos Source.

But anyway All charcters belong to their respect ful owners. And both of our races realized after that incident they realized that we had to put aside their differences and worked together!

In desperation, her father attacked Chaos' shrine in search of the Chaos Emeralds kept there, but in doing so injured the Chao.