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Are wes and gia still dating

Let’s see if this season Kasey can put his money where his tattoo is and do some guarding and protecting of Vienna.‘I’m not in it for the fame but have now had two seasons in the Bachelor franchise and one season of dancing with the Stars followed by Bachelor Pad’…does anyone know if the BP house is big enough to accommodate Vienna’s restraining order?

As you complete your workout with both hands on my main attraction.Posted in The Bachelorette by Reality Tea on July 2, 2009 Tags: Bachelorette, Does Wes have a girlfriend? I’m going to bow out when the time is right.” This stuff came out of his mouth. , Jake, Jake Pavelka, Jen Schefft, Jillian Harris, Laurel, Laurel Kagay, Lauren, Tanner P, Wes and Laurel, Wes Hayden, Wes’s girlfriend Jake Pavelka is swinging back at Wes and his “girlfriend” Laurel. Do you think it’s possible that he is developing feelings for her as the weeks go on? For whatever reason that scene in the manga had a picture of what this post says is true that.But the same concept above using a Sony product, it is your.Some excerpts from this interview are below – Why did you come back? I should have told her before I left.” I wanted to come back because I had information she needed to make the best decisions about the remaining guys and to be there for her. PEOPLE spoke to Laurel and she denied being together during taping. Without a shadow of a doubt, he and Laurel were together. His biggest fear was making it far enough to go on overnight dates because that wasn’t okay with Laurel. I’m a God-fearing man and if I am mistaken or he didn’t tell me that, God can strike me down with lightning right now.

A producer called me to see if I was doing okay because I took leaving hard and I broke down. Do you stand by what you claimed, that Wes said he had a girlfriend?

The girl loves country music and the man makes it so I can see how intriguing that would be.

I know that Jillian would have done that for me had the roles been reversed. There’s a petition out there to make you the next Bachelor. After seeing how the show works and how much love the producers have in their work, I would consider.

Radar Online reports,"At one point, Gia grabbed Wes' arm and pulled him close for a kiss.

Don’t forget to set those PVRs for Monday August 8 when it premieres – hooray!!!

I know this because he decided Deanna Pappas wasn’t worth his time on her season of The Bachelorette.