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Aries virgo horoscope romances horoscopes dating

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Marie-Sgolne Royal (pronounced: ( listen); born 22 September 1953 in Dakar (birth time source: Didier Geslain)), known as Sgolne Royal, is a French politician.She is the Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the president of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council, a former member of the National Assembly, and has held other ministerial positions.

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Uranus, your ruler, still occupying the Third house nurtures your need for constant learning, offbeat conversations, and short journeys off the beaten track.For that single Aquarian who truly follows his heart it could be you find love on foreign soil.To satisfy these desires, even if they are brought down a notch, you may be working harder to attain the necessary funds.These shared burdens are a sign of fated love and the price you must pay to be together.Self love, patience and good timing will increase your chance of a loving and lasting relationship.Before I go into more detail about Venus retrograde 2017, I will talk about what it means to have Venus retrograde in your natal chart then the general meaning of Venus retrograde in transit.

Natal Venus retrograde means you have some difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection.

Favorably influenced, the Venus Uranus conjunction can bring exciting romances with enough personal freedom to enjoy a glamorous social life.

However, a load of squares or oppositions to this alignment may lead to instability in your love life and sudden financial losses.

She is a prominent member of the French Socialist Party.

The first woman in France to be nominated by a major party, she was the Socialist candidate in the 2007 French presidential election but lost to Nicolas Sarkozy on .

With Neptune, the star of illusion, disillusion, and dissolving conditions, in the house of income, you'll be fine-tuning that area of your life and the last four months of the year could see you not only improving your financial situation but exceeding your expectations.