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LEARN MORE To combat poverty, Self-Help for the Elderly supports older and displaced workers throughout the job seeking process.Our services include training, counseling, job placement and retention.

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However, Cheung states that many of the other symptoms type 2 diabetes produces are still present—thirst, frequent urination, and unexplained fatigue.The root of the problem "Traditional Asian cooking is generally low in fat and high in fiber, so it is not hard to introduce healthy cooking strategies to Asian American patients," Cheung states.Instead, "it’s the industrialization of Asian countries that causes dietary shifts—people prefer to eat processed foods that are higher in fat, calories, and even higher in sodium," she explains."At a lower BMI, Asians tend to accumulate more body fat compared to Caucasians," which she says underscores the need for different BMI thresholds for Asian American patients.Weight gain isn’t a symptom for many Asians with type 2 diabetes A telltale symptom of type 2 diabetes is weight gain, but for many Asian Americans, this symptom simply does not appear.LEARN MORE Our dedicated team of home health care professionals caters to a culturally diverse population.

Our team always strives to ensure a high level of comfort in the privacy of our patient’s homes.

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Citrus longhorn beetle is a serious invasive pest that is found in East Asia.

Asian longhorn beetles and the closely related Citrus longhorn beetle can infest a very wide range of broadleaved trees and would be a major threat to horticulture and the wider environment if they became established.

A study based on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) for 1999 through 2004, which included individuals with diabetes, showed that 51% of adults with overweight and 32% of adults with obesity had no cardiometabolic risk factors (CRFs) or only one (4), which suggests that various phenotypes of overweight and obesity may pose various health risks.