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A major slip road leading into Plymouth will be closed overnight, it has been announced.

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If you’re a tech-savvy gay or lesbian dater, you’ll love Zoosk.The road will be closed between the hours of 8pm and 6am for bridge maintenance.Read more: Plymouth nurse who asked vulnerable patient 'have you just had sex? Bangladesh straddles the Bay of Bengal in south Asia.To the west and north it is bounded by India; to the southeast, it borders Myanmar.And before they set off, to help ensure safe journeys, drivers are reminded to: • Check fuel: Make sure you have enough to get to your destination.

• Check tyres: Prior to setting off on a long/significant journey, check your tyre pressure and the condition of your tyres, including the spare.

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The hilly areas of the northeast and southeast are occupied by much smaller tribal groups, many of which have strongly resisted domination by the national government and the population pressure from Bangladeshis who move into and attempt to settle in their traditional areas.

In 1998 an accord was reached between the armed tribal group Shanti Bahini and the government. Bangladesh is the most densely populated nonisland nation in the world.

The Ganges/Padma River flows into the country from the northwest, while the Brahmaputra/ Jamuna enters from the north.