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Audrey tautou dating history

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Most of the clothes and accessories that she designed had plenty of pockets and, even to this day, you will find more than enough pockets in a Chanel purse. Her favourite number was five It’s not really surprising that her favorite was the number five, but the famous scent Chanel No.

Once she finally begins dating again, she surprises everyone by choosing Markus (François Damiens), a dull coworker. How should we interpret the title of David and Stéphane Foenkinos’ romantic dramedy?Alas, nothing so praiseworthy applies to this gently sweet but unmemorable bonbon.She was known for her, ambition, determination and energy, but her life was not without controversy as well, so read on and find ten interesting facts about Coco Chanel: 1.She had a thing about pockets Coco Chanel absolutely loved pockets and she thought that there simply weren’t enough of them in women’s clothing.Gilberte, in middle-age, flirts with men but loves her husband Georges, wishing he were more demonstrative. See full summary » Based on a novel by Jean-Claude Izzo, this melancholic movie focuses on three sailors being the last remaining crew members on their ship which is aground in the harbor of Marseille. See full summary » Oriane and Hadrian's couple is going through a crisis.

Determined to save their marriage, Oriane visits a Gypsy fortune teller who foresees a dark future. See full summary » Angelique, a young student, is in love with a married doctor.

She got sunburned during a cruise holiday and when she returned to Cannes in France, the public immediately followed the trend. She came from a poor background Coco Chanel was the daughter of a laundrywoman who died of tuberculosis and her father deserted the family, so Coco was placed in an orphanage at the age of twelve.

It was at the orphanage that she learnt how to sow, taught by the nuns and members of her family who sometimes visited her. She was accused of Nazi collaboration There have been many reports that link Coco Chanel to the Nazis during the war and it is suggested that she used her many aristocratic contacts in Spain and England to get information to pass to the Nazis.

This sort of airy confection, which relies so heavily on Tautou’s pixieish appeal, is a step backwards for her. Before “The Hunger Games” sweeps across our cinematic landscape, consider an entirely different sort of coming-of-age tale.

She’s a perfectly capable actress, and ought to hold out for meatier roles. This one also concerns a brave kid, cruel adults and unexpected kindness.

We see her attempts to make him leave his pregnant wife, but he does not appear for meetings or finally the booked journey to Florence.