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Services Data Repository Staff and students in the Environmental Isotope Laboratory employ naturally-occurring stable and radioactive isotopes as well as major and trace element compositions in research into a variety of questions in the fields of hydrology, ecology, paleoclimate and geology.We are honored to continue traditions established by the founders of this lab, the late Professors Austin Long and Paul Damon. Research problems include locations and extent of groundwater recharge, paleohydrology and paleoelevation of evolving mountain ranges, sources of sedimentary basin brines, past solar activity inferred from high-precision radiocarbon measurement on tree rings, origin and evolution of evaporites, methods development in isotope paleohydrology and paleosalinity studies, and extensive work in isotope dendrochronology and isotope studies of cactus spines (acanthochronology).

Additional equipment associated with the lab includes a LGR laser system for analysis of O and H isotopes in water, two micromilling systems, and a cathodoluminescence microscope unit.Tritium in precipitation in southwestern North America has been mapped, and the future usefulness of tritium in groundwater studies has been evaluated.Stable isotope research in ecology, biology, and climatology include studies of natal habitat and life history for endemic fish in the Gulf of California, pre-dam salinity and flow conditions of the Colorado River and its delta, sourcing marine shell from archaeological settings in the southwest, bird and human migration, the pre-human-impact status of river systems, and the use of saguaro spine geochemistry as a record of past rainfall.The area around the town, the 'hâble d’Ault' was mostly tidal marshland that has been reclaimed from the sea. Ault had a station on the standard gauge Woincourt to Onival line, which closed to passengers in May 1939, but saw much use during World War II to move materials for the Atlantic Wall.During the war, a metre gauge line was laid alongside the road from Lanchères, on the CFBS, to Ault. The town has paid a heavy price defending itself against the sea, which is constantly washing away the beach, cliffs and public spaces, such as the car parks and gardens. A "balcony on the sea", a huge concrete construction has been built but the risks remain.David Dettman, Director, Research Scientist Christopher J.

Eastoe, Co-director, Staff Scientist (Retired) Typically three or four undergraduate and graduate students are in residence and participating in research.

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APPENDIX 1: DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, SEXUAL MISCONDUCT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DATING VIOLENCE, STALKING, AND RETALIATION Purpose of Policy Application of Policy Exemptions Definitions Statement of Policy Principles Responsibilities and Procedures 1. Procedures for Complaints Filing with External Agencies Expectations for Members of the University Community References Helpful Resources APPENDIX 2: CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIPS APPENDIX 3: FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE POLICY Introduction Covered Appointment/Employee Types Eligibility Entitlement to Family Medical Leave Entitlement to Military Family Leave Entitlement to Military Caregiver Leave Application for Family Medical Leave Intermittent or Reduced Family Medical Leave Paid/Unpaid Leave Use of Leave Without Pay Required Use of Family Medical Leave Continuation of Benefits Return from Family Medical Leave Effect of Family Medical Leave on the Tenure Process APPENDIX 4: PROCEDURE FOR RESOLUTION OF DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINTS (OTHER THAN SEXUAL HARASSMENT) I. Acts of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and retaliation will be addressed consistent with this policy.

Title IX Sex-Based Discrimination, Harassment, Misconduct and Retaliation Involving Students 2. Consistent with state and federal law, reasonable accommodation will be provided to persons with disabilities.

Zosia Archibald of the University of Liverpool and Professor Lisa Nevett of the University of Michigan.