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Azdgdating iran and iraq

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In 1975, a new agreement was reached whereby the midpoint of the Shatt was determined to be the boundary between the countries.By the end of the 1970's, both nations had reduced their dependence on the Shatt.

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The foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq resumed direct peace talks, but they appeared no closer to a permanent truce than when negotiations began eight months ago. US officials told The Wall Street Journal that "they Suleimani has played pivotal roles in the deployment of Iranian assets against ISIS in Iraq.Suleimani was present during the successful siege of Amerli in August as well as on the front lines of the battle against ISIS in Tikrit.In particular, the two have disputed control of the Shatt al-Arab, the major waterway connecting the Persian Gulf with the Iranian ports of Khorramshahr and Abadan, and the Iraqi port of Basra.In 1847 a treaty was signed that established the Shatt as a boundary between Iraq and Iran (then the Ottomans and the Persians, respectively).The war was one of the most strategically important conflicts of modern times because it involved two major oil producers and the region where more than half the world's reserves are located. Muslim - Rivals for Power - Allies Choose Sides - Rooting for a Draw - Tanker Wars - United States' Nonposition - Body Count Grows - Arms for Hostages - Kuwait as Middleman - "Final" Battle - A Draw The Arabs and Persians (natives of Persia, mostly descendants from places other than Arabia) have been historical rivals dating back centuries.

Iran and Iraq, while under British and Turkish rule, also had a number of border disputes.

"He's a more stately version of Osama bin Laden." Nevertheless, the US is actively supporting offensives led by Suleimani while also allowing any atrocities committed by the dominant Shia militias.

Reuters correspondents reported on the gore after the victory in Tikrit, where they saw "a convoy of Shi'ite paramilitary fighters – the government's partners in liberating the city – drag a corpse through the streets behind their car." And despite Suleimani leaving the front line before US planes got there, Iranian fighters were on the ground at the end.

The Obama administration is no longer hiding the fact that the US is serving as the air force for Iran-backed Shia militias fighting ISIS in Iraq.

Helen Cooper of The New York Times reports that the US The US recently provided crucial air support in the Iran-led offensive to drive ISIS (aka Islamic State, Daesh) from Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit and bragged about it.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Tarik Aziz, leaving after 2 1/2 hours of talks in Geneva with his Iranian counterpart, Ali Akbar Velayati, said the meeting brought only a reiteration of clashing positions.