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The peoples of maritime Southeast Asia — present day Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines — are thought to have migrated southwards from southern China sometime between 25 BC.

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Scholars debate what exactly constitutes an empire.With this huge amount of land under their control, the Umayyad (and later, the Abbasid) Caliphates allowed merchants and scholars to travel easily through western Eurasia, bringing goods and knowledge which the Muslims greatly expanded upon through the Caliphate and outward to less advanced regions, such as Western Europe.In 751, papermaking from China made its way to the West through Muslims. In the Middle East, the success of Islam meant that culture would be changed forever.This proves that the ISIS group is a tool for making an uprising in Central Asia similar to the so called “Arab Spring”. Washington aims at separating Central Asian republics from Russia so that to run conduct pipes to China smoothly.This is why a power grab is considered even in such a criminal country as Kyrgyzstan.Indians traveled to the Far East through the land or sea routes.

The land route was through Bengal, Manipur, Assam, and Burma.

Many Muslim empires had strong influences on the visual arts, architecture, music and food.

In the centuries after the life of Muhammad, Muslim armies poured out into all surrounding areas, bringing the lands from India to Spain under their control.

The fighters went through military instruction under Kamalov’s command in Turkey and UAE.

Presumably, the radicals’ potential might be used in Kyrgyzstan. The US strategic objective is to create a source of unrest on the Russian border.

Even after the decline of the Abbasid Caliphate, Islam would remain as one of the base institutions of the region.