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Best paying dating affiliate

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$2 for man who registers from other countries: Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Israel, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia.

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In the monetization of dating traffic, publisher can choose from a wide range of dating-websites: from reputable premium networks up to casual affair portals you will find a big variety of affiliate programs in this area.Once registered the client is locked into you forever and you have the potential to earn money from this client even years later!No other major dating affiliate program offers the LIFETIME PAYOUTS structure that A Foreign Affair has offered for 20 years!With this solution, the webmaster can build his own brand with his own domain and customize the design.Nevertheless, he uses - invisible for the end-user - the database and functions of the dating plattform provider.Earn up to $8 per sign up for every man from USA, UK, Canada.

$6 for man who registers from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, France, Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, South Africa.

When promoting an affiliate offer, the steps are usually pretty similar: you’ll be writing articles or reviews, creating a website and providing information to people interested in the company services or products you are promoting, and hoping they’ll click on your affiliate link.

Since conversions are few and far between for your prospective customers, it’s surely better that when they do make a purchase, it’s for $1,000 rather than $10.

In order to be paid commission for the traffic you bring to the site, you must have a conversion rate of at least 2%.

In other words, two of 100 registered men must make a purchase on our sites in order for you to be paid for all of the 100 registrations.

There are a lot of reasons why A Foreign Affair is the LONGEST RUNNING major dating affiliate program offered anywhere today!