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Billy chelsea still dating

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On the topic of Egan working with her former co-star Billy Miller, the actress said: "We are buds from way back, of course, from our days on All My Children, and so we have been hanging out even before I came to Y&R. We can see her finally in some hot clothes, maybe a skirt, and high heels.

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She accepted after Rinna declined to return to the show.Chelsea Lawson is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on the CBS network.Portrayed by Melissa Claire Egan, she was created by former head writer Maria Arena Bell and made her debut during the episode airing on November 11, 2011.Billy and Victoria get word from Paul Williams that Victor was the reason for Anita and Chelsea being in town, that he was still trying to break them up. Chelsea, realizing that her life was no life for a baby, decides to let Billy and Victoria raise the baby. However, Anita gets upset with her daughter over her decision because there would be no money involved.Chelsea is furious with her mother over what she perceives as a lack of support. In the middle of all the craziness going on around her, Chelsea finds a friend in Victoria's brother Adam Newman, who is dealing with his own issues.Initially a con artist and "bad girl", Chelsea has developed into a loving person.

She arrived in town revealing that she had become pregnant with Billy's child, later giving up all her parental rights.

William "Billy" Abbott and Chelsea Lawson are fictional characters and a couple on the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

Billy is portrayed by Burgess Jenkins, formerly Billy Miller, and David Tom. Chelsea arrived in Genoa City on New Year's Eve 2011 looking for Billy, whom she had known as "Liam".

When Brittany shied from Billy's side for fear of getting in trouble, Mackenzie Browning sat by his bedside. While he continued dating Brittany, it wasn't until Billy and Mac were crowned King and Queen of their junior prom that they could no longer fight their feelings. and Brittany worked together to break them up, Mac and Billy made it through the summer.

Later that night, Billy went to the Chancellor Estate and the two professed their love. During their senior year, Billy wanted more from Mac than she was willing to give and they soon broke up.

* Fell in love and married Mac not knowing that they were cousins.