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There is no doubt, the images showcase brutality not often witnessed.It looks likes torture, but given there is no discernable purpose to their violence it’s even more senseless than that.

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' She also rails against capitalism and calls for 'white people' to give 'black and indigenous people' their money and possessions.But some have labelled this a ‘Black Lives Matter kidnapping’ and are looking to obfuscate the true cruelty of the acts. The young man is obviously distraught whilst he is tormented with physical attacks, forced to drink toilet water and pursued through a property under threat of a knife.Throughout the four attackers bully him whilst saying ‘fuck Donald Trump’ – which they force him to repeat – and ‘fuck white people’.Moreover none of the video’s content implies that the four individuals who carried out this attack were moved to do so by politics promoted in the movement fighting against racist state brutality – unless it’s simply enough of a link to hate Donald Trump. With a single button press, you are secretly connected with ladies and guys from around the globe.She expresses her contempt for 'white people': 'Give your f***ing money, your f***ing house, your f***ing property, we need it f***ing all.'F*** white supremacy, f*** the US empire, Kill the white house, f*** the white house, f*** your imperialist ass lives. Among the more than four minute racial tirade, she shouts: 'Teach your kids to throw that f***ing cop car in the garbage'.

Earlier this week in Chicago a heinous incident took place.

” she replied: These replies are not pre-programmed.

Luna learns based on experience and feedback, much like a human.

2 on Billboard Twitter Top Tracks Chart Though Garza agrees with some of the criticisms leveled at Beyonce (including those regarding the star's championing of capitalism, which Garza calls "an economic system that is largely killing black people"), she decides that the advantages of having the country's most beloved celebrity speaking out for the cause far outweigh the negatives."Go 'head, Queen Bey," she concludes.

Ask her to find the square root of 3,942,871 she promptly replies, “The result is 1,985.6664.” She can explain the theory of relativity to you in simple terms.

Just press Next- Join someone to do a public live video stream.