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Blank dating profile

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If a tall guy shows off his height, then he’s just an arrogant show-off. You have no say in how your favorite inspirational quote is perceived.

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One of the best pieces of guidance I ever received as a writer is “do not reveal information before it’s necessary,” and this applies to dating as well.Here are examples of good headlines to get people clicking to read more. I have a feeling that youre trouble Is a statement about her.I have a Fifth Amendment theory regarding Tinder: anything you put in in your “About Me” can and will be used against you. As for category 4, height doesn’t matter to straight men, who will date an attractive woman no matter what.Your inspirational quote, your oh-so-clever joke about saying we met at Whole Foods, and especially your height are all potential disqualifiers. For women and gay men, a man’s “About Me” height tells nothing, because there’s no incentive for a man to be honest.Tinder is a judgment-based app, so why offer all those left-swiping judges incriminating evidence? A short man will be swiped past, so he adds a few inches.Before we met for coffee, I checked his profile again to look for things we might talk about. Actually, my mother chastises me for dating men of modest means.

And, to be honest, meeting a guy who makes in the high-six-figure range makes me think, “Oh, he’s out of my league.” Suddenly, I was fixated on the fact that this man earned more than I did.

If you’re meeting a stranger, these are the things you talk about.

Categories 1, 2, and 3 should be saved for a first date, or, at the very least, a chat after you’ve matched.

Still reeling from the shock of seeing the psychiatrist’s salary, I started to wonder: Should you list your income online?

Does it make you more—or less—desirable if you post a certain number?

In this window, please note that besides the Profile button, there are three additional buttons and categories to complete: “About,” “Lifestyle” and “Physical Traits.” Click on each one of the buttons (circled in red above) to open the additional categories.