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These 10 commandments, if kept, will The 10 chapters (Commandments) are: Thou Shalt get a Life, Thou Shalt Use your Brain, Thou Shalt be Equally Yoked, Thou Shalt Take it Slow, Thou Shalt Set Clear Boundaries, Thou Shalt Save Sex for Later, Thou Shalt Not Play House, Thou Shalt Fight Fairly, Thou Shalt Not Ignore Warning Signs, and Thou Shalt Choose Wisely.10 Great Dates Before You Say "I Do" by David & Claudia Arp and Curt & Natelle Brown.

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Her father was a staff officer in the People’s Liberation Army, a highly privileged position in China, and her mother a translator.In a nutshell, this book provides 10 fun and innovative relationship-building dates for engaged couples and others who are dating seriously.Sprinkled throughout are the authors' own personal experiences as well as stories from the many couples with whom they have worked who wanted to build a loving, lasting marriage.In the show, parents sit on chairs that move forward when they approve of one of the single girls on stage.Emphasis is put on youth (under 30), good looks, simple past relationships, a good career, a gentle attitude and family-centered values. When a girl with a doctorate degree stepped on the stage, the following caption appeared on screens: “but where’s the good looks that we agreed on?” The chauvinistic comments and the patriarchal, misogynistic standards led Quartz News to publish a video titled: “A new hit Chinese TV show proves sexist ideas still persist there.”Yet Jin Xing has told the audience that she is proud of the show: “I told you, I don’t host average shows”, and presented it as in line with her harsh but fair attitude.

(She once told the Huffington Post: “My words aren’t like massage oil — they’re like acupuncture needles, they go right to the nerve and twist it.”) What has happened to Jin Xing, once an icon of progressive attitudes around gender and sexuality?

Savannah's Big Id-ea Season 3 Episode 1/20The Chrisleys are interviewed for a magazine and Todd writes a script for his family to memorise, but when things go off script, Todd retaliates with some honesty Reunion - Part One Season 11 Episode 19/21Part one of three.

Andy Cohen brings the women together as they discuss all the ups and downs from the show's 11th season, with Meghan opening up her relationship with Jimmy Secrets Revealed Season 8 Episode 21/21Unseen footage from the first half of series eight, including Porsha and Phaedra giving Kim a makeover and an embarrassing viral video of Peter.

Last in the series Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding: Two Months to the Altar Season 1 Episode 1/9Spin-off from The Real Housewives of Atlanta following preparations for Kim Zolciak's wedding.

Kroy's football season leaves the bride planning the event alone Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding: How to Dress a Bride in Six Weeks Season 1 Episode 2/9Kim works out so she can fit into her wedding dress, then goes to New York to buy a second - and ends up with a third gown as well.

One of my more or less guilty pleasures is reading The Guardian blind date each week.