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“We're a state that has such a high rate of teen suicide and so many issues in regards to gender identity can cause depression for teenagers.(born May 16, 1986) is an American actress and model.

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Oxborrow said she is glad the assignment was taken down, but she's worried about students in the class - especially those attracted to the same sex.When New York Magazine's Vulture brought up the memorable moment to the elder Fox at a book party and asked if he would approve of the two dating, the actor said, "No. Just back off." Perhaps part of the problem is that Fox only seems familiar with Swift's songwriting reputation - he admitted that if his son brought Swift home for dinner, Fox "wouldn't even know who she was." "I don't keep up with it all," he said."But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?(Scroll down for pictures.) “She sent me a picture of it immediately when she got it and said 'I’m pretty frustrated with this. I think it's unfair and I’m worried about some of my classmates that might not identify with traditional gender roles',” said Jenn Oxborrow, a parent of one of the students. Jenn Oxborrow said the assignment is old-school thinking.Bullet point after bullet point, the assignment tells girls how to act on a required five-dollar date with a boy. Oxborrow contacted the district and the State Board of Education took action. – Only on FOX 4, we told you a former a Jackson County Correctional Officer was charged with raping a woman he met on a popular dating site.

Prosecutors charged 30-year-old Bradley Everhart with 2nd degree rape, after police say he met his victim on Plenty of Fish.

The Portland news media get their closure messages from a news clearinghouse.

SALT LAKE CITY — It's a simple assignment that's getting a failing grade from parents. I couldn't believe some of the questions and guidelines.

I know a lot of people who have met their spouses that way.

But it's also a very attractive medium for predators.” Kristin Brumm is the Executive Vice President of Safe Home, a metro shelter for battered women.

The calf’s dad is a much younger giraffe – Oliver is only five years old and this is set to be his first child. Controversy briefly erupted when the live feed was taken down from You Tube because it reportedly violated the site’s nudity guidelines.