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Bob morris greta salpeter dating

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GRETA SALPETER: We’ve definitely been taking it one step at a time, keeping everything super-natural—well not : super-natural.

Issued through Decaydance/Fueled by Ramen, the album is a wonderful change of pace for emo-punk-saturated ears; the Hush Sound produces bouncy, fun, and sweetly melodic songs based around warm instrumentation and a playful delivery.AP caught up with Salpeter and guitarist BOB MORRIS to chat about the specifics of their reunion (well, we’ll hear their thoughts on that word in a bit) becoming adults, pop music and selling soap. BOB MORRIS: We played those two nights at the Bottom Lounge [in Chicago this year], and it was extremely fun and reinvigorated the spirit of the band.We saw how much people cared and how much it meant to them.Not yet in their current lineup for two full years, the Hush Sound is remarkably already on album number two (as in full-lengths, not EPs).Though their debut, So Sudden, aptly laid the foundation for the band's melodic piano tinkering, it was still only recorded a month after their lineup solidified.Rising alongside fellow Fueled By Ramen acts like Fall Out Boy and Panic!

At The Disco in the mid-2000s, THE HUSH SOUND steadily climbed into every teenager’s heart with their upbeat indie-pop and frontwoman GRETA SALPETER’s heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics.

After the band went “on vacation” in April 2009, the members formed other bands like Gold Motel and Debate Team.

After sporadically playing a few shows since their initial “vacation,” the Hush Sound are headed out on a mini-tour through the Midwest.

The Hush Sound's emphasis on mature, piano-driven pop makes them a rarity on the Fueled by Ramen roster, where the punk-pop sounds of Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco reign supreme.

With songs like "Medicine Man" and "Honey," Goodbye Blues distances the band even further from their Ramen brethren, adding shades of old-timey swing music and torch song balladry to their catalog.

Those shows made us realize we have this thing that is capable of creating such joy and we wanted to investigate what could happen with it.