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Book dating revelation

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No stone is left unturned to resolve the question." "Gentry's arguments, modern sentiments notwithstanding, present a formidable case for the early dating of the Apocalypse.Currently in the Liturgies of daily Mass we have been reading the Book of Revelation.

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Jesus told His disciples that within their generation, not one stone of the temple would be left on top another (Mt. Furthermore, the emperor Nero is mentioned as still being alive: “ There are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space” (). The first five Caesars Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula and Claudiushad already died (“fallen”) at the time of the writing of the book of Revelation. After him arose another Caesar, Galba, who only continued a short spacejust a little over six months. Moreover, Revelation 13:8 identifies the emperor with the number equivalent of Neros name: 666.In this context the Book of Revelation is not a mere tour guide to the last days, but is a book of glory reminding us that Christ has the total victory already wrapped up.I would like in this post to present a view of the Book of Revelation that, while a minority opinion, I think better articulates the original context of the Book of Revelation and provides important interpretive keys to understanding its fundamental message.Finally, John repeatedly makes the point that the great tribulation he describes “must shortly come to pass” (Rev. This was a comfort for persecuted Christians: deliverance was at hand!“ Shortly” does not mean a quarter of a century laterlet alone 1900-plus years later!Ephesus was both the capital of the Roman province of Asia and one of the earliest centers of Christianity. This region would become a key area for the expansion of Christianity into the Roman empire.

The book next contains seven short letters of exhortation to the Christian churches in the seven leading cities of Asia Minor -- Ephesus (2.1-7, Smyrna (2.9-11), Pergamon (2.12-17) , Thyatira (2.18-29). But it was precisely this intersection that created the problem for the author, as it called for Christians to treat the Roman administration as agent of the devil.

In Hebrew the name is “nrwn qsr”: n (50) r (200) w (6) n (50) q (100) s (60) r (200), which totals exactly 666.(1) The numerical values of the Hebrew alphabet are well established.(2) How totally contrived and arbitrary are naive and misguided efforts to force this historic number on twentieth-century English names such as Henry Kissinger or Ronald Wilson Reagan!

There is also the a priori teaching of Scripture itself that all special revelation ended by 70.

It is commonly read at the end of the liturgical year, for it bespeaks the end of, and passing qualities of all things of this world.

It is also a book of glory, depicting the ultimate victory of our Lord Jesus Christ, after a great period of conflict between the doomed kingdom of this world, and the victorious Kingdom of Christ.

Some scholars, however, have suggested that it might have been a regular stop on a preaching circuit.