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Boomer dating pbs

Road Scholar, the not-for-profit leader in lifelong learning, is a proud local sponsor for Wolf Hall, currently airing nationally on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). The six-part series is a new edition to Masterpiece Theatre, the program that also brought Downton Abbey to American audiences.The series also enjoyed a run last year on the BBC in England. To add to its existing England-based educational adventures, Road Scholar created a Wolf Hall program for participants who want to experience the sites and sounds of the series up-close-and-personal.

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Once I became His Hostiness, I began to wonder if it would help Boomers, if not us all, to concentrate on the ride rather than the finish, take greater pleasure in the process than the outcome. Welcome to the blogside of LIFE (Part2) the show thats dedicated to making Baby Boomers braver, not necessarily faster.The local bike shop couldnt repair the little digital device but would be happy to sell and install an over-priced new one.I decided to wait until I could get to my usual bike store, a couple hours away. With no numbers to keep checking, I was looking at scenery, concentrating on making sharper turns, inventing new routes, hearing birdsong, alternating sprints and coasts for fun. Its been more than a year now and I havent fixed the speedometer.A friend even taught me a little jingle to help me remember: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.Now if I could only keep track of his wives’ names!It starts airing in mid-September so please check your local PBS listings. Like, just how can I start applying my new bike riding style to the rest of my life?

Ill be clicking in here once a week or so with my take on Boomer issues, background gossip on upcoming shows, whats on my mind. Is it maturation or surrender when you stop keeping score? The shows a boomer generation campfire around which some very smart, experienced people tell stories and share advice on how to survive with style, whether its about staying married, dating while gray, care-giving, grand-parenting or trying to reinvent yourself in a world that keep shifting under us. What were some of your favorite moments/​people you met while doing the series?

Most people have expressed at least a passing fascination with the story of England’s King Henry VIII.

I remember studying the Tudor history in school and trying to keep track of all of his wives and their collectively tragic fates.

I put her on the Dating Program of Three in which she will date three guys at the samre time but with one caveat: No sex."The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost."' In this dramatic episode #3 of Love Life Makeover I help Nadette to break off all ties with her ex and to start dating other men.

I've asked her to put her relationship on a probationary status by taking a stand.

Steve Parissien on a journey with the Tudors, exploring film locations, National Trust properties and historic royal palaces in London, the Southwest and Oxfordshire.