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Bryan dattilo dating

* Lucas has forgiven Sami a million times but has also done his fair share of bad deeds. He and Sami became best friends and often conspired to break Austin and Carrie up so that Sami could be with Austin and he could be with Carrie.* Lucas has helped Kate frame Sami for murdering Franco Kelly. Lucas found that his father was Bill Horton, which made his relationship a strain with Kate.

Lucas' sister Billie Reed was on trial for the murder of Curtis Reed (she didn't do it) and it was at that point that Kate found out that Billie and Austin were her children and Lucas wound up hating his new siblings.But the thing they have coming up is something that you’ll be like, ‘What?! ’ And then when you see it play out, you’ll be like, ‘That’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to Lucas.’ So it’s actually a really cool thing.” Though the storyline (which Dattilo says won’t be playing out until after Christmas) has had him working a lot, the actor explains that he’s still on recurring status. I’m totally happy to be here and do what they want me to do. If you’re buying a house or a car, it’s nice to make them actually believe that you have an income coming in! In addition to the story he teased about above, the actor also reveals that he’s been working quite a lot with Guy Wilson’s Will.“I’ve been on contract and off contract so much, it doesn’t really matter to me. ” Which, he notes, can be quite a difficult challenge as an actor. “With his mom gone, it makes him realize how much he needs his dad, and there are things that happen with him in the future that Will needs him for,” Dattilo says.Being the smallest kid in his class, with a face like an angel, framed by a blond bowl haircut, Bryan began acting classes and within a year had his very own Hollywood agent.Shortly after signing with The Savage Agency, Bryan landed a recurring role on HBO's Not Necessarily The News.Some “If it were anyone else, Lucas probably wouldn’t have given the girl a second chance, but with Adrienne, they just don’t have that kind of conflict.

They really get and understand each other, and he’s attracted to that.

To Bryan's chagrin, his mom pointed out that only kids who were actors had agents.

Within a few weeks, Bryan and his sister, Kristin, decided that if they were to fit in at school, they too, needed an agent.

fans are divided about how they feel about Lucas and Adrienne.

Prior to getting together with Lucas, Adrienne was married and divorced from Justin Kiriakis three times. She was set to make a decision when Adrienne was diagnosed with breast cancer.

He has an older brother and sister and three younger half-sisters.