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It has a built-in camera on the face - with simple on and off buttons to record - and can be bought on the internet for less than £60.

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This is/will be my first encounter with a lady so gentle please lol Little bit in love with London! Possibly one of the stagiest people you will ever meet! Love my job working with children every day is different!So yea that's my life in a nutshell :) Hmm a little about me, im a qualifeid chef / Dj i love goin out meeting new people as well a nights in etc, im a lively quick thinker with ambition towards life!!I love photography and sometimes do a little modelling. I like going to watch stand up even if I sometimes think Im funnier.. No cyber sex, couples, and profiles that are quite clearly fake with internet …The Municipal Corporations Act 1835 meant that Salisbury Borough was formed and was required to have an official city force, that would replace the local force: New Sarum Police.The Salisbury City Police was founded in 1836 and continued to operate separately from Wiltshire Police until World War II when the two were temporarily amalgamated; however, after the war ended the separation never occurred and Salisbury City Police ceased to exist. In 1839, several groups of labourers rioted in many parts of the county over the price of food and the introduction of new farm equipment that was taking their jobs; they started fires and destroyed farm equipment.In response to the 225 incidents, residents of Wiltshire called for the formation of a police force similar to Robert Peel's Metropolitan Police force, whose 'A' division had visited in 1836 to help control riots.

When the County Police Act 1839 was introduced, Wiltshire leapt at the chance to form a police force.

Remarkable, isn’t it, that one country boarding school – which turns out only 80 girls a year from its sixth form – should have educated so many pillow-talkers to the great and good?

A family doctor from Wiltshire who used a secret camera inside his James Bond-style wristwatch to record himself abusing female patients is facing jail after admitting a string of sex charges.

Most famous, of course, is the Duchess of Cambridge, “wife of” our future king. Diana Fox, “wife of” the Governor of the Bank of England.

But see also, Samantha Cameron, “wife of” the Prime Minister. If Eton is often referred to – sometimes critically – as alma mater of our leading politicians and power brokers, it seems that in Marlborough College, there exists a second, potentially just as influential, seed bed: one which grows alpha consorts.

The offences were committed against 30 women - aged from 14 to 51 - between July 2010 and May 2012.