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We have better features, more people and lightning fast webcam loading speeds.If you want to meet new people, you’ll be in for a treat because there are thousands of users online at all times.

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Try it out now for free and have great time chatting with us and see you in there! If you are under the age of 18, please leave this site now! A window can be anything that comes from this site. Please continue to p2p and private the hell out of each other til ur hearts content. In most cases an owner doesn't mind taking an abusive Moderators power if it's going to keep people attending their room. This is a message displayed by the server to tell you, that you have yoo many windows open already.Visit our Java Help Page is a person or bot there to help run a room. But a An admin is a highly qualified(usually) person or bot here to help look over the chat site. NOTICE ALL OF THE COMMANDS start with the slash(/). EXAMPLE: if you want to change your nickname to Prince_Vegeta you would type [in the text box] /nick Prince_Vegeta .Most cases Moderators are respectful, and sometimes you get in a room that doesn't know what a TRUE Moderator is. Their job is to monitor the site when they are here. So they might not be here whenever you think they should be. If you leave out the / and type nick Prince_Vegeta you will type that in the room you are in and will probably be laughed at. /stats q : lists the PROHIBITED NICKNAMES(if any) on the site.Here you will be able to see other people and let yourself be seen.

This is the place for all your live sex chat and cybersex needs and is also a free and safer alternative to phonesex!

Chatting with a minor is considered to be as bad as being a minor.

If you wish to chat about incest, children or beastiality then please find another chat provider.

There are over 30,000 registered users on Chat-Web and more then 1000 signed on at a single time. /stats u : tells you howlong the server has been running.

If you are caught advertising or reported(by someone admins trust) for advertising the PENALTY is a K-line. Windows are USUALLY p2p's, Room Options, or System Messages(easily displayed by typing / by itself in ANY window where text can be entered.

You will immediately be brought to that chat room, where you can begin talking with strangers.