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Cancer male dating airies female

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And there can be complications between these polar opposites.

The Cancer man is attracted to the Aries woman for the same reasons anyone else might be – her strong yet feminine persona, her confidence and her directness.How compatible are Aries woman and Cancer man emotionally, mentally and sexually?Some believe combining a fire sign like the Aries woman and a water sign like the Cancer man creates a recipe for disaster.She’s attracted to the Aries man’s strength, energy and ability to provide and protect. Aries man-Cancer woman compatibility runs far deeper than this, though.Both are cardinal signs, so both are self-starters in their own different ways.Of course, a favorite thing of all Cancers is a good meal, so dining out should be fun. She has big plans and a lot of balls in the air and though she is (frighteningly) efficient things occasionally come crashing in around her. The emphasis is on taking care of one another and daily acts of devotion.

He would also probably like to cook for you (maybe you could do the shopping). If you stand beside her at one of those moments offering constructive help and the benefit of your organizational skills, she’ll start to see the value in your relationship. These two signs are both noted for anticipating others’ needs.

She is happy in her own skin, and she doesn’t need a man to look after her – not even a loving and nurturing one like her Cancer guy.

Although she will enjoy his romantic nature, and she is touched by his desire to take care of her, her inner fire will often feel suffocated and dampened by his attentions.

The Cancer woman is not as vulnerable as she may appear, since she has enormous reserves of inner strength.

The Aries man, meanwhile, is not always as confident as he appears, and he has an inner need for approval – this is what lies behind his constant urge to win and to be the best.

Yet the Cancer man is a very intuitive guy, and he sees through a lot of the bluff to see the inner sensitivities of the woman beneath them.