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Jones adds: “A lot of people might think ‘oh, it’s just sex talk’ but it’s not really - we’ve delved into sexual education.“To be able to talk about those subjects that are normally taboo and to be open with it is wonderful and its created an intimacy with our audience we didn’t always have with a lot of our other productions.” It’s something that has clearly worked: Always Open debuted in September with weekly episodes and thousands of listeners globally.

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Although we encourage players from every culture, we cannot moderate the use of non-English languages in the English chat, and often unintentional offense is caused when comments are ‘lost in translation,’ therefore English is preferred.Solicitation and sexual conversation: This is a family friendly game; please do not engage in adult conversation or pursue a relationship with another player in the chat.Personal information: We advise against giving out your personal information, such as Facebook or Instant Messenger details.“There’s even talk of a live action RWBY movie,” Jones adds, “Which would be amazing.” The pair were among several Rooster Teeth personalities recently in Australia for RTX Sydney – a dedicated fan convention for the company and its creations – which was held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre early this month.“Every time we come to Australia there’s just so much passion,” Jones says.“It’s good content that happens to be made by women.” And it’s not the only good content made by women within Rooster Teeth, with the company’s anime series RWBY – which follows an all-female team of monster fighters – going from strength-to-strength.

Dunkelman and Jones both voice main characters in the show, which debuted in 2013 and is now about to go into its fifth season.

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“Like ‘oh it’s just the girls’ show’ and I feel like all the women at the company are so different anyway that would be a misnomer.

“What people are really connecting with is just the fact that we’re being ourselves and we just happen to be women and that’s all there is to it.

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