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Maybe it has something to do with trying to get us to spend more of our money more quickly.Regardless of motivation, the latest innovation to come out of fintech is a new Amex bot for Facebook Messenger that lets consumers see real-time purchase alerts and key information about American Express benefits.

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While American Express was cagey on details of the bot rollout when it was first announced back in June, it’s now clear that the new feature is capable of telling customers when there’s activity on their Amex card, and providing information about previous purchases.“As a long-time partner of Facebook, we’re thrilled to be working together to create an innovative experience for our card members on Messenger,” said Dave Wolf, vice president of Digital Partnerships & Development for American Express.Don't worry if you've left cyberhome without your American Express card when you head to that adult Web site."As a long-time partner of Facebook, we're thrilled to be working together to create an innovative experience for our Card Members on Messenger," said Dave Wolf, vice president, Digital Partnerships & Development, American Express."We know our Card Members appreciate the convenience of receiving information from Amex on digital platforms where they're already spending time.American Express today unveiled its plans to work with Facebook to explore innovative new experiences to interact with Card Members in Messenger.

The concept demonstrated how American Express® Card Members could sign up to receive real-time notifications about their purchases, and important information about Card benefits and services related to those purchases, via an Amex bot for Messenger.

American Express has published an update for its free Amex for i Pad app, adding a new feature similar to Amazon’s Kindle-only Mayday Button.

The change now makes it possible for “Eligible Card Members” to participate in a live video chat with an American Express customer care representative, according to the app’s release notes.

We worked with the industry, but the challenges remained, and we just decided it was no longer profitable or practical to work with this industry." Full story.

I found an interesting porn site today and decided to pay their fee and I went through the hoops and put my American Express credit card number in, and it was rejected with a little note saying, "This site does not accept American Express credit cards." I went to a bunch of other sites and attempted to join them also (just for statistical research, you understand), and at each of them the card was rejected because they do not accept American Express cards. I'm now waiting for Visa to come up with a commerical saying, "So if you want to join Naked Lesbian Bimbo's Gone Wild with Horny Water Buffaloes don't bother pulling out your American Express card, because they won't accept it.

While other web- or mobile-based travel assistants are looking to emulate human conversation (as with Hello Hipmunk), Amex’s bot is a bit more, well, robotic.