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He also had the support of VMZinc and Outside Works companies."More details: website (Portuguese)Century climate change and globalisation have influenced the world and all societies tremendously and have also affected the way we are building.Safety and security requirements are increasing and consequently influencing the design of the building envelope.

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For this session a total of nine papers will be selected, three of which from Ph D students.Operating in more than 25 countries around the world, Affinitas has become one of the world’s leading enterprises in online dating, uniting over 17 million singles looking for a long-term relationship. 250 employees of 30 nationalities, making it one of the most international companies in Germany´s most flourishing city.Every month, we successfully help more than 2500 singles to find love with compatible partners. Our aim is to bring love to every single, and it´s at the heart of everything we do; from our flat hierarchies, autonomous roles and open communication style to our social company culture and free daily breakfasts, you will love working at Affinitas.NERC is launching a call to support projects which focus upon generating user applicable outputs from past and/or current research and to translate them into outcomes that achieve impact within the NERC remit (in the UK and/or in developing countries).NERC wishes to award a number of Open Innovation Placements.Resilience describes the function and ability of buildings and their facades to recover from or adjust easily to change; this can either be in a direct way to specific stresses forced by water, wind, fire, explosion, earthquake or thermal vulnerability but also in an indirect way seen as a general ability of adaptivity to different changes.

These issues will be addressed at the Conference Faade 2017 from different academic and professional perspectives.

Affinitas attracts talent from around the world, with 250 employees representing 30 nationalities; from New Zealand to the Netherlands and everywhere in between!

We are passionate about our flat hierarchies and pride ourselves on providing our staff a friendly, social and progressive working environment.

The Research Councils UK invite applications from influential policy organisations to join the RCUK Policy Internship Scheme in the capacity of a hosting partner for the 2017--19 competitions.

NERC invites research organisations with a strong and substantial portfolio of NERC funded research to apply through RISE calls for a five-year programme of activity.

The architectural project is made by Pedro Matos Gameiro and Marta Sequeira with Carlos Machado e Moura and Fernando Rodrigues.