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Chinese dating etiquette

Most table manners in China are similar to in the West.

Restaurant bills are not shared out between the guests; instead, people will go to great lengths to pay the whole amount themselves.there are some kinds of Chinese dating etiquette you should probably be aware of and follow. Learning 100 common words isn’t that hard and is a great politeness towards her. At first, her signs of affection will be more indirect.You don’t want to make one embarrassing mistake that will make her think twice about dating you again. She will highly appreciate your effort and it’s amazing how just a few phrases build intimacy and help conversations along. For example they will demonstrate their feelings by being immaculately dressed / made up and by striving to look after you.If you plan on dating more than one woman at a time, or consider yourself a “player,” you might want to stick to dating a woman from the western world.In the Chinese culture, casual dating is virtually unheard of.When eating a meal in China, people are expected to behave in a civilized manner (according to Chinese customs) , pay attention to table manners and practice good dining habits.

In order to avoid offense diners should pay attention to the following points: Let older people eat first, or if you hear an elder say "let's eat", you can start to eat. You should pick up your bowl with your thumb on the mouth of the bowl, first finger, middle finger the third finger supporting the bottom of the bowl and palm empty.

If he hasn’t eaten, others should not begin to eat.

When making toasts, the first toast is made from the seat of honor and continuing down the order of prominence.

On the other hand, if you are only seeking women for a series of sexual relationships, look elsewhere.

If you’ve yet to be formally introduced, don’t expect to meet a Chinese woman in the typical American fashion; staring, trying to catch her eye from across the room, or even smiling can be considered rude.

Exotic foreigners inevitably become targets for blatant curiosity.