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The action of the novel -- which also takes up Stencil's father, a network of European spies, and a Whole Sick Crew of American Navy wastrels -- goes as far afield as turn-of-the-century Egypt, southwest Africa during the First World War, and Malta after the Second World War, dealing along the way with contemporary Americana up and down the Eastern Seaboard.ripe with the kind of dense, symbolic imagery we associate with poets -- with T. Eliot and Wallace Stevens (Gravity's Rainbow likewise caroms off Rilke and Dickinson) -- and with the loose, improvisatory language of beat writing.

One, Coover said, was Saul Bellow's realistic if picaresque ; the other was William Gaddis's encyclopedic .Tied to a wooden fence, tortured, and left to die, 21-year-old Matthew Shepard—a bright, sensitive freshman at the University of Wyoming—has become a national symbol of violence against gays.His killers, Aaron Mc Kinney and Russell Henderson, products of a grim world of drugs, alcohol, broken homes, and twisted dreams, have been charged with first-degree murder.It is by turns hilarious, slow, and utterly mesmerizing. cannibalize the author's student work, particularly the two stories "Low-lands" and "Under the Rose." (Pynchon's later novel , published in 1990, opens dramatically -- with a character leaping through a storefront window -- in an image lifted from V.: "Here [was] one potential berserk studying the best technique for jumping through a plate glass window.") Repetitions haunt the entire oeuvre, so much so that Pynchon's work seems to exhibit a sort of "conceptual continuity," as the composer Frank Zappa named it, wherein each work builds on thematic and formal innovations -- and even the raw material -- of prior efforts.Another example: (1966), Pynchon's masterpiece in miniature, like V. In Lot 49 the quester is a woman with the unlikely name of Oedipa Maas, who, engaged as executrix for the estate of Pierce Inverarity, a Hearstlike tycoon, inadvertently begins to uncover an international postal conspiracy dating back to Europe in the Middle Ages.Even people have and keeps on the dark part of clear.

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Despite the reputation of Pynchon's magnum opus, (1973), many of my contemporaries came to him through his earlier work.