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Cllocationmanager stopupdatinglocation not working

Requesting authorization may display an alert to the user.

A typical sequence for using location services is as follows: Important Always request authorization at the point where you actually plan to use location services to perform a task.// Initialise my location Manager and start monitoring : location Manager = [[CLLocation Manager alloc] init]; [location Manager start Updating Location]; // ..Some code to use the coordinates that location Manager gives me.Use instances of this class to establish the parameters that determine when location and heading events should be delivered, to start the delivery of those events, and stop delivery when you no longer need the location data.You can also use a location manager object to retrieve the most recent location and heading data.Until i OS 8, this is how a simple location retrieving process would look like.

This code fails in i OS 8, furthermore this code fails without any sort of warnings, exceptions or errors, the app won’t ask for permission to get location updates, the process won’t start at all and we, the app developers won’t be told why.

Edit I know [self.location Manager stop Updating Location]; stops it. Please read the references like:‌​e/… Why would I set it nil if I'm gonna have to re-set it again in the future?

What I'm really asking is, how do I know I've received location for the first time then stop it immediately? The setting to nil has really nothing to do with retain release cycle, it is simply to avoid location Manager sending delegate call to your controller.

In the first part of this post we will discuss the changes that come to the Core Location Framework in i OS 8, and in the second part we will go over how to keep updating the app’s location in the background. The Core Location Framework in i OS worked over the years in almost the same way, in some version updates Apple may have changed the delegate methods, but all in all the process always stayed the same.

Although the process in i OS 8 is not that different, Apple added two steps that might at first cause some trouble to developers who didn’t have a look into the new i OS 8 SDK.

As stated above, in i OS 8 they are new steps that we need to pay attention to in order make make the location fetching work.