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Competitive accommodating compromising collaborating and avoidance

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The penalty was very unfortunate as his team, the Giants, narrowly lost the game. Williams' poor choice of a conflict management strategy was a giant blunder.To manage conflict well, we have to remember that there are several conflict management strategies.

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There's a well-known story in the field of conflict resolution that tells of two sisters fighting over an orange.For accommodation the downside risks are loss of motivation and self-respect.Avoidance is generally the denial of conflict, treating it like an ostrich whose head is buried in the sand.To most effectively resolve a conflict, we should use the strategy that is most appropriate for that particular conflict situation.However, that strategy might not be the strategy that we habitually use.For example a company may ignore minor complaints from disappointed consumers.

There are five long-recognized styles of negotiating which characterize both approaches to resolving disputes or making deals and the default approach taken by each individual to negotiating.

They argue back and forth, forth and back, about who better deserves to have it.

The older one says she deserves it because she's older, the younger one because she's younger, and both are adamantly stuck in their positions.

These strategies depend on the level of concern people in dispute have for their own outcome vis-à-vis the other party's outcome.

In a Nutshell It's important to remember that there are many strategies we can use in conflict situations, but each of us tends to habitually use some strategies more often than others.

Had the sisters attempted to explore each other's underlying needs and interests, the sister who'd wanted the fruit would have ended up with a whole orange to enjoy rather than a half, and the sister who'd planned to bake a cake would have had an entire orange peel at her disposal.