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Consolidating multiple email addresses gmail

Worse than two separate interfaces is, with all of Gmail's mail searching prowess beneath your fingers' tips, you yet may have to guess the account for searching—and then, perhaps, search twice. You can turn the good idea of yore into today's good practice.Combining two or more Gmail accounts lets you receive and access (and search) all mail and use all addresses from but one, main account.

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Gmail is a great, free email program that has a lot of functionality.If you don't have Gmail, you can add it to your account at any time.If you signed up for Gmail and didn't add it to your existing account, now you have two separate accounts.In this article, I will tell you why Gmail is better and I will show you how you can easily and efficiently read all your email in a single Gmail account.For an in-depth look at more power-user tips, make sure to check out our Gmail Guide for advanced users.After an initial effort to import mail from your secondary accounts, having all mail coalesce at the primary Gmail account will work automatically.

To merge multiple Gmail accounts into one main account that receives all mail and lets you send mail from all addresses: You will, from now on, receive all mail from all your Gmail addresses at the one you have designated your primary account.

You can reply to e-mail, view contacts, and add labels to messages as if it were your own account.

We tested Delegation out and it works very well, aside from the fact that you have to wait about 30 minutes for each account to link.

You can link your Gmail accounts to one primary account to avoid the hassle of logging in and out of Gmail every time you want to check a different inbox.

The service gives you full access to the shared Gmail account.

Now, emails from your Secondary email account will download into your Primary email account and automatically go into the Label (folder) that you specified.