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Consolidating powerpoint slides

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(By default, a copied slide inherits the design of the slide you're inserting it after in the destination presentation.

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Remember that the more animated templates you combine the larger your presentation will become.If you're lucky, you can piece together parts of other presentations, add a few new slides, and save the day.In this article, I'll show you two ways to use what already exists to create new presentations.I’ve had to do this myself a couple of times and one of the most important aspects when merging presentations is whether you want to maintain the format and theme of the inserted presentation or have it match the theme of the main presentation.The second most important factor is whether you need to maintain any animations and transitions that might be included in the inserted presentation.A number of video files will make your presentation quite bulky.

This could be a problem if you are distributing the completed presentation.

Whatever you see on the slide in the normal viewing mode is what will get imported into the main presentation.

You can add one or more slides to your presentation from another, without having to open the other file.

For example, click slide "3" if you want to insert a slide after this slide. Continue scrolling and selecting slides from the left pane and inserting slides from the right pane to expand your first Power Point presentation with the combined slides.

Combining multiple Power Point slides into one deck is a common operation.

It’s actually very easy to do if you are using Power Point 2007 or newer.