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Only one skull has yet been found, from an adult female.

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In its independent form, the newspaper is usually integral to the development of democracy.

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CEO Jeff Bezos on Wednesday introduced Open Search, a collection of technologies that allow content providers to syndicate search results from their own search engines. Larry gives an amazing presentation--very entertaining and informative.

In a presentation at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, Bezos said the product enables content aggregators like Amazon subsidiary A9Inc. [Information Week] Nature: Utensils Divulge Dinner Date's Feelings Although it may never reach the market, a new type of dating tool could give inspiration to the romantically challenged. As James Surowiecki--New Yorker writer, Technology Review contributor, and author of the recent book The Wisdom of Crowds--pointed out today at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, it may be possible to be excessively hooked into the buzz, zeitgeist, or groupthink around a certain topic. [ZDNet] O'Reilly Network: ETech Day 4 - Life Hacks and the Brain for Designers Day 4 of ETech was just as energetic and caffeinated as the previous three days.

Critics argued that the Hobbit was probably a fellow Homo sapiens.