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Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax

I am posting this for those of you curious as to what year or model your Conn saxophone might be. Horns made after 1947 did not have rolled tone holes.

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At least to the best of my knowledge, no 6M's or 10M's were made at the Nogales plant or in Mexico. 1976 (83,000)-1980 (145,001 The Henkin era/UMI: After Daniel Henkin bought Conn in 1980, he did his best to restore the reputation of this once great company.Plus, more seriously, what the hell is the point of this thing? Unfortunately, The Game's heterosexual focus makes it kind of inapplicable.I set up this blog as an easier way to post some updates while I was on tour in Europe, but I've never been a fan of the "here's what I had for lunch today" blog universe, and have always restricted my real website to a) music I've made, b) gigs I have, c) press or amusing encounters resulting from my music or gigs, and d) my self-indulgent year-end best-of lists. Then I've got the Riff to jabber about cultural products of interest (although I don't get the feeling that's really working out so well either; I know there are staff members of the Mother Jones who consider any and all arts coverage to be a waste of time for their esteemed magazine, and moreover, I feel a little bit at sea being their only real arts-and-music-focused columnist, since I can't exactly be a one-man Idolator. For instance, Strauss talks about managing to snag Britney Spears' phone number after engaging her in a conversation about what he calls "Chick Crack," i.e., horoscopes and personality tests and Cosmo-style gobbledygook. Horns were either silver, gold or nickel plated or bare brass 1912-1917: The New Invention models. The micro tuner neck first itroduced on altos in 1922. Many unique and experimental combinations were seen. Serial number range 249,200-260,000 1934-1947 The M series with rolled tone holes. Serial numbers 1-40,000 Models made between 1906-1916 had the union label stamp. Different key configurations, the underslung alto necks, resonator pads and experimentation with different finishes began in the late 1920's and early 1930's including early lacquer finishes. 145,000-249,200 1932-1934: The Transitional years: Conn was changing from the New Wonder series II to the M series. The 2M and 4M (curved) sopranos were offered, along with the 6M alto, 10M tenor, 12M baritone and 14M bass (discontinued 1941) Other models offered during this period include the Connqueror 26M alto and 30M tenor Serial number range: approx 260,000-327,150 1948-1968 The later Pro M series, Directors models and Connstellation models.

Horns were gold, silver or nickel plated, often with elaborate engravings. Some of these earlier M series horns were silver plated, most of the late ones were laquered brass.

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