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And when the ambulance did arrive, there was but one crew member who came to the woman’s aid without any equipment, not even a stretcher or neck brace.The delay was so long that the woman’s elderly father beat the ambulance to his daughter.

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“There is no doubt that this person acted with a final plan in place of promoting the country as a destination for sex tourism,” Obando said.“I don’t think we’re talking about a criminal element. It’s just a carpenter from Key West, Florida who likes girls and likes to travel.” The second and final day of trial also included words from Public Ministry prosecutor María Quesada, testimony from Strecker himself, and the presentation of Strecker’s since-deleted You Tube videos where he discusses the San José sex tourism scene.Quesada requested that Strecker serve 15 years of prison time, offering up three counts of sex tourism – one each for a You Tube channel, Facebook page, and Cuba Dave postings on the sex tourism blog A news story Thursday showed that a middle-aged woman could lay on an office floor for 90 minutes before an ambulance arrived in downtown San José.Response times are certainly longer in rural areas.David Strecker, known more widely by his Internet moniker “Cuba Dave,” earned the unenviable distinction of being the first person convicted under Costa Rica’s relatively new Sex Tourism Law on Wednesday.

A trio of San José judges unanimously declared the 66-year-old U. man guilty of promoting the country as a place where foreigners can enjoy the benefits of legal prostitution, in violation of the previously untested 2012 law.

Though Strecker’s defense attorney Luís Diego Chacón told The Tico Times after the historic trial that an appeal would be made as soon as possible, judges gave Strecker a five-year sentence for the single count of Sex Tourism.

In his summation Wednesday, Chacón pleaded with judges to dismiss the three charges against his client, in part because the particular law contained under the broader Human Trafficking Law had never been applied before.

At one point holding up a copy of La Teja newspaper, which famously shows pictures of scantily-clad women, the attorney asked the judges if there was any difference in what the local newspaper does and what Strecker did under his Cuba Dave moniker.

“I just don’t think that this particular situation was…the first,” Chacón told The Tico Times after the conviction was handed down.

The Bribri tribe are an indigenous people of Costa Rica who mainly reside in the mountains along the Caribbean Coast in the Talamanca Area of Costa Rica.