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D2jsp validating

I have attempted to input items into the in-game search, but with the limit of only three criteria, you can't input for, and very rarely shows you items that are sold.

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The better you communicate needs, wants, or bugs for the game, the more effective we will be at building a better Warcraft III.Background For the last few days, I've been attempting to figure out what my items current market value are, if anything.Attempts This is extremely hard to figure out, due to the auction house.In general, Its Colby nailed the basics of how it works. So 70% Armor and 30% Physical Resist doesn't mean you're a god who blocks all damage... If you're standing on some fire a molten elite just left behind, you're probably looking at Fire Resistance. I just want to mention that before I even get started, because a lot of people don't seem to realize it. If a monster is hitting you with a sword, you're probably looking at Physical Resistance.: Please post bugs and feature requests on sourceforge, as it'll make it easier for me to keep track of them. Since I couldn't find any shop/store mods in development for Olympus, I decided to start my own.

The basic requirements for for this MOD are as follows Nice mod I really need this Here are some feature request if you can try to add them - click on product give a detail page - Possibility to add images of the product (multiple if possible) zith zoom button - Allow the user who bought to rate the product - Auto calculate shipping cost ?

I have tried listing items that look similar at roughly the same price, and they rarely get sold.

Even when I start the bids extremely low, it's even rarer to even get bids.

That all i have on mind Thanks @playerfr I think you misunderstand what this mod will do.

It isn't an online shopping cart system to let users actually purchase items in real life.

: I have not tested the latest release much, it is highly recommended not to use it on a live server.