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Dallas stars dating wwe diva

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Still, it's a bit out of left field so it's hard to believe.Paige opened up about her inability to commit on "Total Divas" this past season when explaining to her friend why she broke it off with Skaff.

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Maybe the free pizza and Tootsie Rolls aren't entirely detrimental.As WWE gets ready to embark on the Road to Wrestle Mania 32, the company has been rocked with the announcement that John Cena will be out of action indefinitely with a torn rotator cuff.The 15-time World Champion informed the world that he would be undergoing shoulder surgery in Birmingham, Alabama via his Twitter account last week and soon after, confirmed that the operation was successful.This time around, considering his age and the seriousness of his injury, the boss, Vince Mc Mahon, should completely rule out another lighting quick return for his number one asset to reduce the risk of further jeopardising his health.Mc Mahon should instead take a leaf from Arsene Wenger’s book."I was just like, 'Yeah, I don't know, I just didn't feel like I wanted a relationship right now,'" Paige told her friend Danielle on the reality show.

"But I told him right from the start, I'm not very good at relationships.

The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind these are some of the wrestlers that a lot of our Complex generation grew up watching and imitating on trampolines nationwide.

For many children Monday became bearable because when the school day ended was destined to be on that night's tube complete with grown men in spandex solving their problems, not with boring math or science, but with 2x4s and ladder matches.

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While Paige is not featured as one of the fighters participating in WWE NXT Live happening in town on Thursday at the Aztec Theatre, her local, 39-year-old love interest is presumably bringing her to town. I feel confident and that I can do so much in this world," she said. Without this man picking me up and telling me everything is ok I don't know where I'd be.

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