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They got $97 from the Guatemalan immigrant before overpowering, gagging and tying him to chair, then cutting him with a knife and beating him with fists, a pipe and a stick.They killed him by pressing down a pipe on his throat, before Matzke stood on it.

Daniel Cook, who has a long association with the cathedral having been taught the organ there in the 1990s, will succeed James Lancelot who retires this summer, following a 32-year tenure.The show is about a young boy called Daniel Cook who learns new things and shares his experiences and adventures with other kids.In 2008, Daniel Cook was voted Canada's most interesting man, Erik Stinson was the runner up.Cook is due to be the last inmate in Arizona executed by the controversial three-drug lethal injection method at the state prison in Florence next Tuesday.His execution is scheduled just one week after murderer Eric King was put to death.He gagged and tied an immigrant to a chair before beating, sodomising and burning him for six hours - then fatally strangled a teenage boy with his bare hands.

Now lawyers for Arizona death-row inmate Daniel Wayne Cook, 49, are launching a last-ditch attempt to change the murderer's death sentence to life imprisonment.

Cook was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder over the gruesome killings of Kevin Swaney, 16, and Guatemalan immigrant Carlos Cruz-Ramos, 26, in July 1987.

Cook was drunk and high on crystal meth with roommate and colleague, John Matzke, when they decided to rob Cruz-Ramos - another roomate who worked with them too.

This is Daniel Cook is a Canadian children's television series created by J. Johnson and Blair Powers and produced by Toronto's Marblemedia and Sinking Ship Productions in association with Treehouse TV and TVO, and is shown in Canada on Treehouse TV, TVOkids, Access, Knowledge Network, and SCN.

The series also aired on the Disney Channel (in the United States), in between programs in the mid to late 2000's.

Runaway Swaney, who also worked at the restaurant, later arrived at the apartment.