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Out of the hundreds of beautiful Bollywood actresses, one name has been consistently dubbed as the “Most Beautiful Actress Of All Time”. She’s just so real and perfect in every sense, so for me she really is the most beautiful.Many of you’ll might disagree with it, but Madhuri deserves to be on top of the list “Top 10 Bollywood Beautiful Queens Of All Time”.

Hansika Motwani is best known for her acting as a child actor and has appeared in block buster film Koi Mil Gaya.BT decided to set foot into Mumbai's markets to discover spots where you'd find the rarest and the most special film posters ever.If you think online stores and auctioneers could move the earth to get you these rarities, you just need to make the trip that we made, and come home happy, piled with posters and an itsy-bitsy hole in your pocket.With over 80 percent of the population claiming to be some variation of reincarnated Hindu, it is impossible to identify the exact number of people living in India at any given time as Government census forms are routinely filled with not only the participant’s current details, but also the details of their previous lives, or the lack thereof.India’s economy, while essentially a cacophonous orgy of haggling, is currently growing at an exponential rate and possesses the worlds tenth largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the third largest Purchase Power Parity (PPP) and the worlds highest rate of Perpetual Overhead Variable Earnings Relegated Truncation * Year (POVERTY). In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was OM. And proceeded to torture himself so severely that God appeared before him and asked WTF?She was highly acclaimed for her performance as a young widow in Dor (2006).

India, the world's biggest democracy, is an Asian mishmash composed of dirt, swamp, sparks, haze, spice, mind, ignorance, enlightenment, bliss, discrimination and egos all wrapped tightly in the void.

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"They say old is gold for a reason," smiles Haji Abu of Poster Stuff that possesses over three million classic Hindi and English film posters, arguably one of the largest collections in the country. Earlier, posters were the only means to advertise a film.

"Films are being made for the last 104 or 105 years. So, they were carefully crafted and preserved as the only promotional material available on a film.

The undisclosed Hansika Motwani personal life is shared with the media by her.