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The Midrash cited above is interpreted as an allegory to describe different but equal components of Man and Woman with the Sun symbolizing Man and the Moon symbolizing Woman.

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In comparison, the Kiddush levana, blessing over the moon, occurs once each month.“We personified the five reading audiences from our enterprise platform for Atomic Love so that you can choose the exact type of person you are looking for and write a dating profile designed to attract him or her,” Atomic Reach's marketing director Kerri Henneberry said in a press release.Users copy-and-paste their dating profiles onto the site, and choose what type of matches they are looking for, from five categories: General, Knowledgable, Specialist, Academic and Genius.Why choose Elite Singles over other online dating platforms?Most of our members are aged between 30-55 and are educated, ambitious and dynamic singles committed to the search for a serious relationship.The Elite Singles team manually verifies each and every new profile on our site, so you can rest assured that the people you meet here are all genuine.

We use a simple three-step signup process: register, take our unique personality test, and fill out your personal profile - it couldn't be easier to start dating in Miami with Elite Singles!

(The site provides descriptions of each group.) Then the site will analyze the dating profile information to help users fine-tune their profiles to hopefully get more attention from would-be matches in the future.

Essentially, Atomic Love is an intelligent word processor that not only checks spelling and grammar, but highlights specific words and offers targeted synonyms to improve the readability and emotional impact of the profile. So if the best you can come up with is “Yo,” you may need to warm up those nachos in the microwave quickly before the commercial break for Notting Hill ends.

“Don’t you just hate it when a bae goes kray and totally ghosts you? You might use it in a sentence, like “dumped af”, “hot af”, or “old af writing team”. “Think of it as leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for someone to follow”, is how The Sun put it, which is a really creepy childlike fairytale way to say “this might not work out so you, as a cynical and potentially immoral person, are leading other people on just in case”. Similarly, everyone is fairly aware of the idea of “cuffing”, but the description of it in this A-Z of dating slang makes it sound less like a funny thing you laugh about with your mates when they stop coming on nights out in January to chill with their current dick appointment, and more like that bit in Planet Earth 2 where kindly old David Attenborough narrates the death of a tired old antelope who can no longer keep up with his pack.

Honestly it does: “Serial singles pairing up for the colder months, when opportunities to get some are fewer and further between”.

This form of internet stalking, which literally every person on this earth has done but also refuses to admit to, is categorised by The Sun as a way of “showing you like someone”, which indicates that someone in their office is actually photos on a person’s Instagram from four years back because they’re labouring under the unfortunate illusion that it’s sweet and not creepy. Screenshot it and send it to your Whats App group, don’t it you amateur.