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Dating a finnish girl

Later on, the first girl I kissed was blonde, I lost my virginity to a blonde and my first “real” girlfriend was blonde.

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I could imagine myself getting worried for other people’s problems – of course I care, but I did not take action(s) to fix those “problems”.In sum, she was with me not just on good times but on bad times as well! Tequila is the most common thing, rum and vodka are popular as well. It is horrible as it makes me feel like it burns my throat and my stomach is in chaos! In fact, if you want to get a Finnish Girlfriend, you should just treat her like how you would treat any other lady, and not go by nationality.This means, don’t be an asshole and go on and on about yourself throughout the dinner date.The 3 guidelines are written from my personal observations and friends’ (both ladies and gentlemen) sharing.Surprisingly, when it comes to foreign men dating Finnish ladies, there is a common tendency for the foreign man to 😀 Or it could simply be the silly foreign guys who are unwilling to share their secrets with us.

Anyway I personally think that all females are mysterious to various extent.

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If you haven’t already Googled, stalked on Instagram or spied on Facebook, cancel the date and let a Finn out of his/her misery. There is a 100% chance you will be a bridezilla, if you marry a Finnish man.

It was probably a force of nature, then, that got me hitched here.

The power of polar opposites Of course, blonde hair alone is never going to tick all the boxes for me. When I first met Anna, I thought she was strange in an exotic-sexy-creature-from-another-planet type way.

We started dating and everything was very smooth as we had a lot in common.