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Dating a man with bratty kids

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I have made a stand, but the man I am dating does not see my point of view.He says that since he only sees his child three days a week, "If he wants to sit with me, he should sit with me." I really like this man. Julie Dear Julie, It's often hard for a divorced dad to know how to strike a balance between his relationship with the child he loves and no longer sees every day, and the woman he is dating (and may marry in the future).

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I even have to sit in the back seat if he is in the car.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Dating someone for a year now with a bratty 7 year old.When another child insults yours, it's tempting to jump right in to defend your child.But first, take a moment to suss out the situation. Is he extremely upset, or does he seem to be taking it in stride?While it is always acceptable to intervene when behavior is dangerous, it’s sometimes acceptable to intervene when it isn’t.

Consider whether the bratty child's behavior is endangering the safety of anyone, including himself, advises Betsy Braun Brown, child development and behavior specialist, parent educator and author, writing at

I wasn't introduced to the child until about 6 months ago.

Things are great, but it seems we both get frustrated on the days he is over.

Yesterday I was driving and the son demanded that his dad to sit with him in the back, while I played taxi driver.

I think this is so disrespectful and is not the way to teach a child how to treat someone his father is dating and cares about.

For instance, you will be hard-pressed to encounter a parent who becomes angry with you for taking a sharp knife away from her toddler.