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Dating a wiccan woman

So you’re Wiccan or Pagan and your spouse/partner/lover/significant other/fiancé is ... Is there a way the two of you can manage to find balance? Fact is, in every relationship there are things that couples may not agree on. While you don’t have to nod your head and say, “Why, of course your religion is better than mine, how silly of me,” you do have to find some sort of compromise.

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Most Wiccans accept the so-called Wiccan Rede, an ethical code that states “If it harm none, do what you will.” Wiccans believe in meditation and participate in rituals throughout the year, celebrating the new and full moon, as well as the .What we believe is love society-wise, and what really is love, are two different things. Then again, what I know is being a witch, and what society thinks is being a witch are two different things.Do you find it’s an issue when you have to bring up being a witch to potential romantic partners? My girlfriend lied and told me her ex-boyfriend was out of her life, but he’s not. What do you think is the worst lie you can tell a romantic partner?In many mixed-faith relationships, the goal is often just respect and understanding.In other words, your spouse doesn’t have to believe the same as you, but they do need to respect your choice to believe differently from them.Usually when a couple lies to each other, there’s a lack of trust, a lack of communication. If you’re in a serious “thinking-about-moving-in-together” stage, this isn’t the relationship for you.

As a witch, we don’t get that out of shape about little things.

Black Pagans already have it hard enough finding their place in Black culture and the Black community.

Often we are misunderstood, ridiculed, ostracized and even called “White” or “oreo” (Black on the outside, White on the inside for those not savvy with snack food slurs) because we don’t practice Christianity.

We live by the rule, ‘do as you will, but cause no harm.’ I’ve been practicing hypnosis and therapy for several years now, and I’ve never had a Wiccan couple come into my office. Raven Hawk Ruane, 52 Is there any charm or spell I can use to make someone fall in love with me?

What’s the best thing someone has ever done to you in bed? Worse case scenario, you lean in and she slaps you. And are there potential negative consequences of doing this? Witches use charms and potions to attract love/lovers.

Being Black and Pagan is already difficult, but to be Black, Pagan and wanting to date? The problems for Black Pagans that want to date stem from mostly religious and fairly racial grounds.