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Dating academy

The first course in my coaching program is, "The Online Dating Academy".

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"Every time I hear success stories of one of my clients, it's like an angel gets its wings." Born in Waukegan and raised in Glenview, Gandhi graduated from Glenbrook South High School in 1989 and then headed off to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to double major in banking/investments and German.Click on the image above to watch a video of me explaining the 'Soul Mate Fast Track' or read the full story of you prefer.When you mention dating to people, they tend to envisage approaching people, getting rejected, struggling to have a conversation, building up the courage to ask them on a date, and then knowing where to take them, how to behave, how to escalate it so you can be in a relationship and what to do if they don't return your affections. This seven day course will help women just like you to navigate through the jungles of online dating so you can position yourself to find love.It will take you from a frustrated dater to a powerhouse lover!I do this by teaching them my step by step guide to finding love which allows my clients to rediscover their self love, figure out exactly what and who they want, and how to go after it with control and not desperation.

Because of my realness and transparency, my clients are able to identify and embrace their pain points in order to become the Mrs Right their Mr Right needs them to be.

Before training at Aura, I never felt in control of my emotions and choices and often found myself reacting to the games women were engineering.

David taught me how to build bulletproof beliefs and mindsets, and now I have total control and confidence in my dating life–I’m able to choose what kind of relationships I want with the women I want. Tian’s coaching helps you find your inner strength and rebuilds you from the inside out.

Founded by Steve Harvey’s go-to dating expert Bela Gandhi, Smart Dating Academy doesn’t just find singles a date — it teaches them ways to attract the best person for them, get the relationship they’ve always wanted, and maintain long-term success.

Through customized profile makeovers and Smart Dating Academy’s very own GHQ® and Sexclusivity℠ systems — which include one-on-one coaching and a goal-setting-and-achieving approach — singles learn how to get their dating “pickers” pointing in the right direction and, most importantly, at the right person.

Bela Gandhi matched her first couple when she was in college.