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Dating an illegal immigrant

Judge me by my feelings, my love of chocolate but not by my lack of papers!

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Well what if said skeleton is your immigration status?I thought to myself, "I hope if this relationship gets more serious, he goes and gets that fixed." But “getting it fixed” wasn’t really a possibility.While he had entered the States legally with a tourist visa, he had not left when he was mandated to leave. Worker visas and residency cards from a poor country like Guatemala were essentially impossible to obtain.That's just a liberal talking point bandied about by those with a perverse desire to actually fix it.(This is closely related to the even more ridiculous assertion that the government doesn't do much to enforce the immigration laws.It does -- much more than enough, in fact, given the nature of the offense in question.)Now, there is a significant group of people who would never, ever suggest that our immigration system is anything less than dysfunctional. citizen -- belonging to a fourth-generation immigrant family -- I count myself among that group.

That group consists of anyone who has ever had any opportunity to interact with it in any way whatsoever. What I learned through the experience is that the difference between a "legal" and "illegal" immigrant often comes down to whether one can afford a decent, well-connected lawyer.

There is one last hope for people who cannot adjust status based on their marriage to a U. citizen or permanent resident: You can attend the interview for your green card (which is the last step in the application process) at an overseas U. consulate in your home country (called “consular processing”). The process involves submitting an application, together with detailed documentation of your membership in the group that you claim and the persecution that you faced or fear. However, TPS would allow you to stay in the United States legally for a set amount of time (maximum 18 months), and to receive a work permit while you’re here.

However, at that point the consulate will penalize you for your illegal U. stay, with a time bar on returning to the United States. If you haven’t yet been in the United States illegally for six months or more, you might want to leave right away in order to make use of the consular processing possibility. territory, such as the Canal Zone, American Samoa, Swains Island, or a noncommercial U. If you are granted asylum, you can apply for a green card one year after your approval, and for U. See the USCIS website ( for details and the list of currently eligible countries.

It is our hope to start a much needed conversation, start a few support groups and also brighten the experience with more chocolate.

Who doesn’t love chocolate and sharing messy dating experiences?

I vaguely knew that immigration was “an issue," but I didn't pretend to have a working knowledge of the ins and outs of the policies and politics behind it.